Tuesday 13 October 2020

Mastering HTML5: Beginner to Expert [2020] free udemy course


udemy HTML5 free course



The ultimate masterclass to become an expert

What you'll learn

Adding images to Web page
Formatting texts in Web page
Adding videos and audios to Web page
Adding tables and lists to Web page
Structuring a Web page
Working with SVG and Canvas
Adding Youtube videos to Web page
Adding forms to Web page

Course content

Formatting the texts
Block and Inline Elements
Class & ID
Video & Audio
Input Types
Div & Span
SVG & Canvas
HTML Structure
HTML5 Quiz


No prior programming knowledge is needed
Laptop is required


Are you a beginner who wants to kick-start in programming world? Or

Are you a experience programmer who has a knowledge in HTML but wants to advance it?

If so, you can't be in a place better than this one! Best way to learn new skill is learning by practice.

Welcome to the "Mastering HTML5: Beginner to Expert"  where we will diving deeper into HTML world.

This course is dedicated to giving students an up-to-date insights at HTML and HTML 5 features. Through the course you will learn how all different elements work together. The course is both theoretical and practical hands on. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to build your own Web Pages using the best practices taught throughout the course.

What will you get at the end of the course?

⦁ You will have different example with HTML

⦁ You will know how to add images to Web page

⦁ You will know how to formats texts in Web page

⦁ You will know how to add videos and audios to Web page

⦁ You will know how to add tables and lists to Web page

⦁ You will know how to structure a Web page

⦁ You will know how to work with SVG and Canvas

⦁ You will know how to add Youtube videos to Web page

⦁ You will know how to add forms to Web page

⦁ You will know best practices in HTML5

The course is for all skill levels and experiences.

All this just for a price of a typical breakfast at restaurant!

So, it is the best time to invest into yourself and learn a skill which can boost you career and salary!

Who this course is for:

    Students with no programming knowledge
    Beginner students who wants to be expert
    Experienced programmers who wants quick knowledge refreshment

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