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Git & GitHub: Ultimate Guide for Beginners!

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Git & GitHub: Ultimate Guide for Beginners!

Git & GitHub 3 hours Crash Course - Learn key concepts and Workflow of Git & GitHub: STEP by STEP for beginners tutorial   Git & GitHub: Ultimate Guide for Beginners!


What you'll learn

  • Understand some "Common Problems" developers face
  • Learn what is Version Control System (VCS)
  • Download & Install Git Source Control System
  • Create "First Git Project" (Initialize a Git Repository)
  • Learn the key concepts of "Git Basic Workflow"
  • Understand the difference between "Untracked" and "Tracked" files
  • 3 stages: Working Directory - Staging Area - Repository
  • Learn Git Common Commands - "status", "add", "commit", "log"
  • Review Changes using "git diff"
  • Remove a file from Git Repository
  • Introduction to GitHub [Remote Version Control System]
  • Create a GitHub account
  • Configure Remote GitHub repository with Local Git
  • PUSH Local Repository to GitHub Repository
  • Creating New Repository on GitHub
  • Clone, Fork and Pull
  • GitHub: Raw, Blame, and History
  • GitHub: Watch, Star and Fork
  • GitHub Issues & Labels

 This course includes:


  •     3 hours on-demand video
  •     Full lifetime access
  •     Access on mobile and TV
  •     Certificate of completion


Course Content


  • Welcome!
  • Curriculum
  • How to approach this course? [Heroes may skip]!
  • Introduction to Version Control Systems - WHY you should be using it?
  • What is a VCS? [Choosing Git!]
  • Download & Install
  • Creating First Git Project
  • Basic Workflow of Git
  • Git Workflow - Additional Practice
  • Reviewing Changes in Git - using "git diff"
  • Removing a file from Git Repository
  • Collaboration & Online Backup - Importance
  • Creating GitHub Account
  • Quickly Exploring GitHub
  • Creating New Repository on GitHub
  • Trying to Push Local to Remote
  • Configuring Connection using SSH
  • Watch & Star
  • Raw, Blame and History of a file on GitHub
  • ".gitignore"
  • GitHub Fork Functionality
  • Clone from Remote to Local Repository
  • Branches - Hands On!


  • A computer with Windows, Linux or Mac OS
  • Basic Text Editor
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Admin Rights (may be required) for software installation
  • Prior knowledge of Git & GitHub is NOT required


Hola Amigos!

--------------------------------- Introduction ---------------------------------

So you want to learn Version Control Systems.

Maybe that's Git, GitHub, GitLab, or even Bit Buckets. Doesn't really matter.

Let me teach you all the FUNDAMENTALS that you need to get yourself STARTED as FAST as possible.

I know that your time is precious and you're about to start a NEW JOB at your dreams company or maybe you need to start working on your projects right away - so LET'S NOT WASTE TIME!

This course will save you PLENTY of time googling and trying to connect the dots.

So WELCOME to my Ultra Concise & Summarized CRASH COURSE to get yourself started!

--------------------------------- Who is it for? ---------------------------------

Welcome to one of the most essential courses every programmer should take - whether that's to improve your development skills, become a better programmer, or even increasing your chances of getting your dream job.

My name is Vlad and I’m talking about none other than my Git&GitHub Crash Course.

So, if you’ve been using Python, C#, C++, or maybe you’re a Web Developer who’s using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS - what I can tell you, is this one thing - this course is definitely for you!

--------------------------------- About the Course ---------------------------------

Chapter 1 - Introduction

1. Common Problems Programmer Face (2 main scenarios - no version control, no collaboration) - 10 minutes.

2. What is a VCS? - 4 minutes.

Chapter 2 - Git Essentials

1. Download & Install (covering "git version", "git help", "git help <command>") - 8 minutes.

2. Configuring basic git information (name+email) - 3 minutes.

3. Creating First Git Project (creating a project directory, "git init", "git status", talk about ".git" directory - 6 minutes.

4. Basic Workflow of Git (creating new "hello_world" file, "tracked vs untracked", "3 stages", "git add", "git commit", "git log") - 13 minutes.

5. Basic Workflow of Git - Additional Practice (working with additional files in the project, modifying files, "git add ." - 10 minutes.

6. Reviewing Changes (diff "working directory" VS "last commit", "git diff") - 6 minutes.

7. Removing a file from git repository ("git ls-files", "git rm <file>", "git rm <file1> <file2>..., "git rm -r <dir>") - 10 minutes.

Chapter 3 - First Steps with GitHub

1. Why we need Remote Version Control System? - 3 minutes.

2. Collaboration Importance - 4 minutes.

3. What is GitHub? Choosing RVCS! - 6 minutes.

Chapter 4 - Getting Started with GitHub

1. Creating a GitHub Account - 2 minutes.

2. Configuring Remote GitHub Repository with Git - 3 minutes.

Chapter 5 - Working with GitHub

1. Push Local Repository to GitHub.

2. Creating a New Repository on GitHub.

3. Clone, fork, and Pull.

4. Raw, Blame, and History.

5. Watch and Star.

6. GitHub Issues & Labels.

7. ".gitignore".

8.  Branch & Merge.

9. Conflict Resolution

--------------------------------- Why Git & GitHub Crash Course? ---------------------------------

Since I know many of you guys want to get to business right away - I’ve created this Crash Course with the most essential content you will need to feel confident and get yourself started as fast as possible.

You will get all the necessary explanations, straight to the point, without any irrelevant content - exactly what you need.

And the last thing that I want to mention here - this course will be yours to keep as the Cheat Sheet you can and should use whenever you will need it.

So I guess you know that this course is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for you and that’s something you must have in your Developer ToolBox.

And without further ado, ENROLL in the course RIGHT NOW and I’ll see you inside.

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