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The Complete React JS Course - Basics to Advanced


complete react js course




Learn React JS from scratch with hands-on practice assignments and projects. ( Use CouponCode =>> SEP2020)

What you'll learn

Introduction to what is React and its basic concepts
Learn what is JSX and how it works behind the scenes
Learn what are the stateful and stateless components and when to use them
Working with function based and class based components
Working with React Modules, importing and exporting the modules
Learn in detail about how the render method works
React component lifecycle and different lifecycle methods
Creating dynamic websites with help of re-usable components
Creating a proper working structure for a project from scratch which will help maintaining the project for long term

Course content

ReactJS - Creating our First React App
ReactJS - Project Structure created by CRA
ReactJS - JSX Behind the Scenes
ReactJS - Adding Styles to React Elements
ReactJS - Create React Elements Dynamically
ReactJS - Creating our First React Component
ReactJS - Passing Data to Components using Props
ReactJS - Import and Export of Modules
ReactJS - Introduction to CSS Modules
ReactJS - Creating Mobile Responsive Components
ReactJS - Stateful vs Stateless Components
ReactJS - Creating Class-based Components
ReactJS - More about setState() Method
ReactJS - Passing Props to Class-based Components
ReactJS - Passing Function as Props
ReactJS - Practice Problem: Product Details Page
ReactJS - Practice Problem: Product Details Page [Solution] - Part 1
ReactJS - Practice Problem: Product Details Page [Solution] - Part 2
ReactJS - Practice Problem: Product Details Page [Solution] - Part 3
ReactJS - render() method - Behind the scenes.
ReactJS - Component Lifecycle - Creation
ReactJS - Component Lifecycle - Updation
ReactJS - shouldComponentUpdate() Lifecycle Method


Good understanding of HTML5, CSS3
A good knowledge of Javascript and Modern Javascript - ES6


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The Complete React JS Course  - Basics to Advanced this course is a complete guide for the React JS. Here, you will learn all the concepts required for becoming a frontend React JS developer. If you are new to the web development field or a professional creating websites with plain old javascript or jQuery, this is your time to learn React JS and take your web development skills to the next level and impress your recruiter or clients.

React JS is gaining rapid popularity. In a matter of a few years, it has become the most widely accepted web development javascript library. This is the right time for you to learn and add React JS to your skillset and excel in your career.

This course is designed in a way that anyone can understand the basic to advanced concepts of React with simple explanations by the instructor along with hands-on assignments and projects.


In the first part of this course:

We cover what is React JS, how it uses JSX, how the compilation is done behind the scenes using babel to browser understandable plain old HTML, CSS, and javascript.
After that, we explain 'components' which are the basic building blocks of a web page while working with React JS. We also cover the stateless and stateful components and when to use those components as well.

In the next section, we learn how to create modules in React JS and how to import or export those modules to other files so that we can reuse the same set of code again and again.

In the following section, we will work on how do we style the components using CSS modules and how to create a nice user-friendly mobile responsive website.

We also cover how to work with props, how to pass data from stateful to stateless components, and how to pass functions from one component to another component.

We explain the different lifecycle methods of a React Component and how we can access and modify the data between these lifecycles using the various lifecycle methods available to us.

We will keep on adding more videos to the course as we are creating them. These videos will be available to you soon.

Happy learning !!

Who this course is for:

    Beginners who just started to work in web development field
    Beginner web developers who want to learn React JS web framework
    Developers who have basic knowledge of Javascript and want to add React JS in their skill set
    Web Developers who want to learn React JS from scratch and want to get promotions in their job
    Professionals, already working with other web frameworks like Angular or Vue and want to learn React JS
    Frontend Web Developers who wish to change their working technology domain by learning React JS

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